5 Day Slovenia Edition 2024

5 Day Slovenia Edition September 5 to September 9, 2024

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5 Day road trip with
sports cars

 Thursday September 5 to Monday September 9, 2024

A road trip through beautiful Slovenia; also called the hidden pearl of Europe. During this tour you will be amazed by the enormous variation in the landscape. From impressive valleys, beautiful green nature parks, high mountains and clear blue lakes. In short; pure driving pleasure for nature lovers! In addition to the beautiful routes we will drive, we will also visit a number of highlights such as Lake Bled and Castle, the Brda wine region and the natural wonder of Vintgar Gorge.

"Let's briefly go through what you can expect during your ride in Slovenia with FancyCarTours."

Day 1: Reception hotel Slovenia

You travel to the accommodation in Slovenia on your own.

You travel to the accommodation in Slovenia on your own. Here you will be welcomed by the tour guides from Fancycartours. Before dinner there will be a welcome/information meeting where we will discuss the program of the coming days with you and where we can get to know all the participants.

Day 2: Bovec – Volarje – Vintgar Gorge visit to the natural wonder 'Vintgar Gorge'

Winding mountain roads alternate with beautiful green forested areas

During today's beautiful tour you will immediately experience how varied the landscape of Slovenia is. Today we drive through the towns of Bovec and Volarje. Winding mountain roads alternate with beautiful green forested areas and views over emerald green waters. A visit to the natural wonder 'Vintgar Gorge' (or Vintgar Gorge) should certainly not be missed. A must-see in Slovenia! The water is bright blue and a wooden walking path has been constructed along the rock walls that takes you through the gorge. Halfway through the route we make a break and relax with a delicious hot lunch. After lunch we drive back to the hotel via an equally beautiful route where we sit down together for dinner.

Day 3: Triglav National Park – Bled Castle - Vršič Pass

As you drive along the clear blue water surrounded by intense green mountains, you will feel like you are in a fairy tale.

Another fantastic route is planned today. We drive a bit along the Soča river through the Triglav National Park. The national park is located in the Julian Alps and has Mount Triglav, the highest mountain in Slovenia, with its 2864 meter high. We visit the lake and Bled castle. The clear blue water surrounded by intense green mountains makes you feel like you're in a fairy tale. We stop halfway for lunch. After lunch we continue the route and brave the dozens of hairpin bends of the Vršič mountain pass.

Day 4: Goriška Brda the Tuscany of Slovenia.

The area is hilly and full of vineyards.

Today we imagine ourselves in the Tuscany of Slovenia. We drive to the Brda wine region. Goriška Brda is a beautiful wine region in western Slovenia. The area is hilly and full of vineyards, orchards, castles and medieval villages. Of course we will also make a stop for a small wine tasting. After lunch we drive back to the hotel via beautiful roads with breathtaking views.

Day 5: Back home

Everything comes to an end.

Everything comes to an end. it's time to return home satisfied. Of course, you can first use the hotel's breakfast buffet before you drive back to home.

Wat is included?

  • 4 nights in a 4-star hotel
  • 3x lunch (During the rides)
  • 4x breakfast buffet
  • 4x dinner at the Hotel
  • 3x full-day tours
  • You pay €429, you pay the rest later.
  • Price for 2 persons €2.099
  • Photos by the photographer + professional aftermovie
  • Guidance from experienced tour guides
  • Great portion of fun
  • Thursday September 5 to Monday September 9, 2024
  • GPX routes + Program book
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It is important to focus on the experience of the ride itself and enjoy the beautiful surroundings and sports cars.

You can come to us for an affordable and unforgettable road trip with luxury car brands. We believe that the most important aspect of this journey is the drive itself and that is why we focus on experiencing the beautiful surroundings during the road trip. We emphasize cosiness and atmosphere and therefore opt for atmospheric hotels instead of luxurious 5-star hotels. This way we can keep our trips affordable for everyone. What matters is that you make a special trip together with like-minded people and enjoy the freedom and adventure that a road trip entails. We think it is important to enjoy a good lunch at unique locations during our road trips. That is why we pay a lot of attention to this and we always look for special places to have lunch. We also think the quality of the evening meal is important and we carefully select our restaurants. It's about the experience, the connection with fellow participants and enjoying the beautiful surroundings, that's what FancyCarTours stands for.

Overnight stay in
Bohinj Eco Hotel (****)

The luxurious, 4-star superior Bohinj Eco Hotel is an oasis of peace and comfort in Bohinjska Bistrica. It is located on the edge of Triglav National Park, 6.5 km from Lake Bohinj and 20 km from Lake Bled. It offers accommodation with interiors made of natural materials and panoramic views of the Julian Alps. WiFi is available free of charge. The hotel scores a 4.4 based on 1262 reviews in Google.

"We ride with Erwin and Shirley every year, France was once again well organised! We met such nice people again ~Tjeu and Mien Rode Corvette C7 (participants June 2023)


H Do you have quesstions? Let us try to answer them below, otherwise don't hesitate to contact us.

On average, we cover about 200-300 kilometers every day on our road trips. When we go on multi-day adventures, they take up almost the entire day. Our departures usually take place in the morning, somewhere between 9 and 10am, and we typically return to our hotel around 5pm. We will of course provide breaks during the day, which include lunch, snacks and stops. The reason that our road trips usually last a full day is because the distances abroad are often greater. We must take into account the fact that we sometimes drive through mountainous areas, which makes the travel time to other destinations somewhat longer.

FancyCarTours is an organization that organizes multi-day events for enthusiasts with sporty and exclusive cars. We are from the Netherlands, but our candidates are from all over Europe. Our participants are passionate car enthusiasts who can fully enjoy good food and breathtaking landscapes. FancyCarTours enjoys a well-deserved reputation within the world of car events. Please feel free to take a look at our reviews on Google or Facebook.

At FancyCarTours we always use the motto: "As long as you think your car is fancy enough." In short, we welcome all special cars in principle, and we make no claims about how exclusive your vehicle is. We are convinced that everyone has his or her own personal taste when it comes to cars. The only thing that matters is that you belong to our target group, namely the category of bon vivants. If you recognize yourself in this, do not hesitate to register and be surprised.

We have a diverse range of car brands that ride with us, ranging from Porsche to BMW, from Ferrari to Fisker, and many more. For a comprehensive overview of the participating vehicles, we recommend that you take a look at our photo - and aftermovie page on our website. Here you will find an impressive collection of images and videos showing the beautiful cars that are part of our events.

Enter the enchanting world of FancyCarTours. Here you will meet like-minded people who share the same passion as you. Our participants mainly consist of bon vivants, so you will quickly feel at home. We take all your worries off your hands, as we have arranged everything down to the last detail. You only have to concentrate on riding beautiful routes and enjoying unforgettable environments in the company of fellow participants, with whom you will make new friendships.