How can i read a digital route?

How can i read a digital route?

  • How does reading a route at work

    It may be exciting when you join a tour for the first time. You have to read a route. In practice this is not so bad, because the routes are all digital. You will receive a so-called GPX file from us. You can load it into an app and then you can load the route and drive. In this instruction we show you how to drive with a route.


    Download a GPX reader on your mobile phone.

    There are various apps that you can use to drive a route. It is best to download BikeGPX. This is for the iPhone and the Android. Below are the download links.


    Load the map 

    You will receive a link from us, it usually looks like this.

    Copy the link in the app. You do this as follows:


    Press select route


    Press add route

    Press Enter a web address and paste this link:

    Select the route by pressing the blue box.


    The route is now loaded!

    You may now see your location. But the route will not work until you are at the location of the route.

    You now see your own location where you live.

    If you zoom out you can see the route You can drive the route when you are on location. NOTE: this is not a voice navigation. The idea is that you have to keep the ball on the line. Spoken navigation is possible, but then you have to purchase a TomTom or Garmin.

    If you still can't figure it out, we can always help you at the start!