We connect Petrolheads from whole Europe together!

Enjoy life; that is exactly what FancyCarTours is all about. We don't look at what kind of car you drive or who has the most horsepower.

The participants of FancyCarTours are sporty drivers, but they don't take any strange actions. We are an European community who connect petrol heads together. We love beautiful cars, good food and the most beautiful environments. In addition, our motto is; "you only live once"! Do you recognize yourself in this? Then  signup for one of our editions now.

Heuvelland Editie Inclusief 3 eetstops

27 October 2024
Day Tour

Heuvelland Editie , 3 eetstops, omgeving Zuid-Limburg

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We bring bon vivants together

Fancycartours brings bon vivants together from whole Europe. We don't look at what kind of car you have or who has the most horsepower. Our atmosphere at FancyCarTours is very friendly. Our participants are on average 35 years old, so we attract the right people to our tours. We have already been able to deliver 1000's of people a nice day. It is an ultimate experience that you should not miss! We carefully map out the nicest routes and look for the best environments to drive. Do you like sport cars and do are you a petrol head? Then you should join FancyCarTours. See you soon!

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