5 Day Tyrol Edition June 2023

Each route has its own charm, we drive through the most beautiful areas and mountain passes in Tyrol .

Note: Just 3 place(s) available!

5 Day road trip with
sports cars
in Tyrol (Austria)

29 Juni tot 3 Juli 2023

Join us on an adventure in Austria. During this 5 day road trip we drive through the most beautiful places in Tyrol and Italy with other petrolheads from Europe. About 25 sports cars participate in this 5 day car rally. This is an experience that you as a car enthusiast and bon vivant should not miss. We carefully search the best routes and know exactly where to go for the most beautiful spots! Think of roads with exciting mountain passes, hairpin roads, and beautiful panoramic views. You should not miss this!

What are you waiting for?!

Only for the bon vivant

We are FancyCarTours and organize rallies throughout Europe. From the Netherlands to Croatia and from Austria to France. We do this with passion and we like it! Our organization attracts the right target group; namely bon vivants and people who are down to earth. Our participants respect each other, it doesn't matter what kind of car you drive. We all have the same passion; cars and enjoy life. May we also welcome you to this great experience? Then register now! We are petrolheads from whole europe.

What is included?

  • 4 nights in an attractive 3-star hotel
  • 3x lunch (During the rides)
  • 4x breakfast buffet
  • 4x 3-course dinner at the Hotel (drinks not included)
  • 3x full-day tours
  • You pay a small part, the rest you pay later.
  • Entrance ticket Kaunertaler Gletscherstraße
  • Price for 2 persons: £1580 / € 1800
  • Photographs by the photographer &  aftermovie
  • Guidance from experienced tour guides
  • Tyrolean music evening
  • Large portion of fun
  • June 29 to July 3, 2023
  • GPX routes + Program book
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The atmosphere of a multi-day road trip has been captured on camera.

You can be a part of this too!

The Program

This is a provisional program, it is possible that we make adjustments in the order of the days and or routes

You travel on your own to the accommodation in Austria.

Here you will be welcomed by the tour guides of Fancycartours. For dinner there will be a welcome / information meeting place where we discuss the program of the next few days with you will go through and where we can get to know all participants. Optional: If you are interested, you can sign up without obligation for an evening walk to explore the beautiful surroundings explore.

After breakfast we gather at the hotel reception for the ride. Today we drive through the Kaunertaler Gletscherstraße. The Kaunertaler Gletscherstraße is one of the most beautiful mountain roads in the Alps and takes us through 29 bends to an altitude of no less than 2,750 meters where you are surrounded by an unprecedented beautiful view on the way. This is how you drive during spend some time along the banks of the Gepatsch-Stausee and you will come across several waterfalls.

If you are lucky you may even spot ibex or chamois. Along the way we pass several climatic zones, after which we finally reach the eternal snow and ice. From this place you have view over 3 countries: Austria, Italy and Switzerland. Here we make a stop of ± 60min around to stretch the legs. After the stop we continue our route and drive back via the same route down. We will stop at various places along the way to view the area and to take pictures.

Before returning to the hotel we will make a stop for lunch. Bee On your return you will have time to relax in the wellness relaxation area with sauna, steam bath and whirlpool or you can retreat to your room. Later in the evening you are from cordially invited to dinner in the hotel restaurant. Come and have a drink in the evening at the bar and meet fellow participants for a nice chat or come to the traditional Tyrolean music evening.

After a hearty breakfast we gather at the hotel reception for the ride. Today we drive through a beautiful scenic area towards the famous ski resort of Lech. We drive right through the authentic village center of Lech. For lunch we make a stopover in the middle of the beautiful mountain landscape of Steeg at an attractive hotel with typical Tyrolean cuisine appearance. We resume our route via the Hahntennjoch, a 1,894 meter high mountain pass in the Lechtaler Alps. This Alpine pass with huge rocks and boulders offers beautiful vistas and winding slopes..

After breakfast we meet again at the reception of the hotel. Today we bring a visit to the neighboring country of Italy. Today we drive through the beautiful nature via the village of Kühtai towards Kematen and Vipiteno, where we pass the border of Italy. on the way is there is a good chance that we will encounter cows along, but also ON the road. ;-) We're making a stop to visit the historic downtown city of Vipiteno (Sterzing) where lunch will also be take place. We resume our route and go via Sölden and over the spectacular 2474 meters high mountain pass the Timmelsjoch back towards Tyrol. You are guaranteed to enjoy it beautiful and impressive view! In the evening there is again a joint dinner in the hotel restaurant and of course you are welcome again after dinner for a drink and look back together on another beautiful day.

All things come to an end.. it is time to return home satisfied. Of course you can first make use of the hotel's breakfast buffet before making your own way back to home.

An experience you will never forget

FancyCarTours is more than driving sports cars; believe us...

Each route has its own charm, we drive through the most beautiful areas and mountain passes in Tyrol and we even take a piece of Italy with us. During the ride, a photographer and videographer will also drive to shoot beautiful images of the cars and the participants. An ultimate experience for the real car/tour enthusiast! You really shouldn't miss this.

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Any questions? Call us on +31652368206, you can also send a whatsapp message

Good that you are asking. We are from the Netherlands and organize roadtrips around Europe. Our participants are from everywhere; From Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom, Luxemburg etc. We all share the same passion; fancy cars and beautiful roads to drive. This all started as a hobby in corona time. In 2 years grew exponential . Since 2020 we organized 80 roadtrips and we have around 5000 people who did a roadtrip at FancyCarTours. Most of our people are bon vivants - people who enjoy life. Can we welcome you?

No problem, contact us via +31652368206. You can send an app message or call

Yes the price is per room. So a group of 2 people sleeps in 1 room. If you would like a different composition of rooms, you can contact the organization via WhatsApp or E-mail

Beautiful cars, the most beautiful roads, nice people! This is an experience that you should not miss!

Of course! Pets are welcome. Please indicate this when registering.

The main language during the tour is English. If there are people from the Netherlands/Belgium during the tour, then 2 languages will be spoken (Dutch and English)

When you need to travel to Tyrol from the UK, we recommend to take the Eurotunnel train to Calais. Eurotunnel carries freight and all forms of vehicle, including cars, motorbikes, campervans, caravans, coaches, and lorries The journey takes about 1 hour. From Calais you can then navigate to Tyrol. Tickets for the train can be booked on the website of Eurotunnel. Getting your car on the train is easy. See the video over here: with your car from Folkenstone to Calais



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