North Holland With 4 food stops

Experience Burgundian North Holland in a unique way
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Road trip through North Holland with 4 delicious food stops (NEW!)

After the successful Burgundian Editions in South Limburg, we are proud to present our new Burgundian Edition in North Holland.

Sunday April 7, 2024

Discover our brand new Burgundian edition (North Holland), a car tour that takes you through the most beautiful environments of North Holland. We drive on beautiful roads, through picturesque villages and beautiful nature reserves. But that's not all, this edition we start at a beach pavilion! Pamper your taste buds with delicious snacks and drinks during the 4 stops at catering locations.

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The ideal day out if you like driving and good food! 

A day out for the true Burgundian!  During this edition we will ride 3 routes of approximately 1 hour each, and then enjoy a tasty snack and drink at the next location. Discover new places and meet new people with the same passion! A real experience for the car/tour enthusiast! 

Stops at 4 nice places locations and the starting point at a beach pavilion

In this Burgundian experience we visit four beautiful restaurants. We start our adventure at Beach Pavilion Nautilus in Egmond aan Zee. From there we set course for Grand Café Van Ruysdael in Heemskerk. After a picturesque route we reach De Nadorst in Blokker. Our tasteful journey ends in Gasterij Nieuw Westert in Egmond-Binnen. This edition promises to be a wonderful experience!

What is included?

  • 4 stops with snacks + drinks
  • Photos by the photographer
  • Touring with other sports cars is a real experience!
  • Professional Organization
  • 3x beautiful routes
  • A fun day with other car enthusiasts.
  • After movie
  • A full stomach!
  • Price for 2 persons €228.
  • Great portion of fun
  • 7 April 2024
  • GPX routes
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The Program

* This is a provisional program, we may make adjustments to the order of the routes in due course and may deviate slightly from the previously mentioned times.

Nice! You have registered, and today is the day to tour the most beautiful areas of North Holland together with the other participants. In addition, today we will enjoy delicious snacks and drinks at no fewer than 4 different restaurants! We will keep you informed throughout the day via the silent WhatsApp group. You have received the program and routes via email. You will be welcomed by the organization at the starting point and you will receive further instructions. We start the day at the unique starting location with the first dish.

You have loaded the route via BikeGPX (or another app). The organization gives the starting signal and together we start route part 1 with about 30 sports cars. What an experience! You will attract a lot of attention along the way; because it's not every day you see a procession with so many unique sports cars. You will wonder whether all those cars stay together, but this is often not the case. In practice you get groups of 5/10 cars, which is why everyone has received the route separately so that everyone can determine their own pace. We ensure that we always meet again through any extra stops and lunch spots. 

We make a stop at another unique location. Relax while enjoying a delicious lunch and a drink.

We resume the route through North Holland. Enjoy all the beauty you see along the way. The photographer is ready at various places along the route to take beautiful pictures of the participating cars.

Time for a short break. We sit down at a cozy restaurant for a delicious snack and drink of your choice.

We load the last route that takes us to the final location via beautiful back roads.

We arrive at the final location where we can look back together on a successful and enjoyable day. Another dinner is waiting for us here.

Why should I participate?

FancyCarTours is more than just driving around with sports cars!

It's crazy! Why? Various spectacular cars of different classes participate. Together we tour through the most beautiful areas and you meet nice new people with the same passion. Fun, experience and a pleasant atmosphere are our priority!

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Practical matters


No problem, if we know this in time we can of course take this into account and make this known to the restaurants. 

We try to keep as much variety as possible in the snacks and take into account what everyone likes. So even if you are not a Burgundian gourmet, this edition is still suitable for you.

We drive sports cars, so we certainly drive sporty. This does NOT mean that we are going to race. After all, every common-sense road user knows when sporty driving is possible. In 30 kilometer zones, or roads where there are many walkers, it is impossible to drive sportily. Here we drive quietly and pay close attention to other road users. Most participants have this mindset, and we expect the same from you. Enjoy a sporty tour, enjoy the beautiful surroundings and have a good time, that's what it's all about!

Of course! We check the routes in advance with our own car (Corvette or GT-R). You will of course sometimes encounter speed bumps along the route, but we try to minimize this as much as possible. 

All cars are allowed. And we are looking for nice people who have a positive outlook on life. This is more than driving ;)



Aftermovie Bourgondische Brabant Editie 4-eetstops (NIEUW)


Aftermovie Culinaire Editie (Zuid-Limburg) 2023


Aftermovie Culinaire Paaseditie 🐰🐣

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