Haspengouw Blossom Route Edition 2024

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Haspengouw Edition - The Blossom Route With Sports Cars

Sunday April 28, 2024 - The Blossom Route!

In April we drive the Haspengouw Edition, also called the blossom route. During this blossom route we drive through the unique Haspengouw country. One moment you are driving past beautiful fruit villages such as Mettekoven, another moment you are driving through historically rich towns such as Zoutleeuw. We start the day at the stylish five-star hotel Kasteel van Ordingen for a luxurious breakfast. The route then starts and takes you straight through numerous picturesque villages and beautiful Haspengouw settings with castles. This route is completely unforgettable during the blossom period! Be surprised!

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The ideal day out if you like driving, beautiful surroundings and fun! 

Only for the bon vivant

During this edition we drive through the beautiful Haspengouw (LimburgsBelgium). < /span>In the meantime, you can enjoy the beautiful nature, the blossoms, the orchards and the castles. Halfway along the route we make a stop for a delicious lunch.

What is included?

  • Luxury breakfast in a 5 star hotel (5 star hotel Kasteel van Ordingen)
  • Lunch
  • Full-day tour in the Haspengouw area
  • Ride with 30+ other sports cars

  • Photos by the photographer 
  • Guidance from experienced tour guides
  • Great portion of fun
  • Sunday April 28, 2024
  • GPX routes + Program book
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This edition we will ride a route of approximately 200km in the Haspengouw area. The route takes you straight through many picturesque church villages and beautiful Haspengouw settings. The castles, chapels and square farms are certainly not missing. This route is completely unforgettable during the blossom period.

The Program

* This is a provisional program, we may make adjustments to the order of the routes and may deviate slightly from the times mentioned above. The growth of the blossoms depends on the weather conditions.

Nice! You have registered, and today is the day to tour the Belgian Haspengouw together with the other participants.  At the starting point you will be welcomed by the organization and you will receive further instructions. We start the day at the stylish five-star hotel Kasteel van Ordingen with a delicious breakfast buffet. (Breakfast is included in the tour) We will keep you informed throughout the day via the silent WhatsApp group. You have received the program and routes by e-mail. 

After a hearty breakfast it's time to go for a nice drive! You have loaded the route via BikeGPX (or another app). The organization gives the starting signal and together we start route part 1. What an experience! You will attract a lot of attention along the way; because it's not every day you see a procession with so many unique sports cars. You will wonder whether all those cars stay together, but this is often not the case. In practice you get groups of 5/10 cars, which is why everyone has received the route separately so that everyone can determine their own pace. We ensure that we always meet again through any extra stops and lunch spots. 

Halfway through the route we will stop for lunch, relax and stretch our legs while enjoying a tasty snack and drink. (Lunch is included in the tour). 

After lunch we start the second part of the route.  Along the way, the photo and videographer will be ready on the route to take beautiful images of the cars and in the meantime you can enjoy the beautiful nature we drive through. We expect to arrive at the final location around 5:00 PM where we can look back on a successful and enjoyable day together. 

We drive together to the end point. Here you have the opportunity to look back on a beautiful and enjoyable day with fellow participants. If you do not feel the need for this, you are of course free to continue your own route home.

An experience that you will never forget

FancyCarTours is more than driving sports cars; really and truly!

You will be amazed! Each route has its own charm, we drive through the most beautiful areas of Willemstad. During the ride, a photographer and videographer will also accompany you to take beautiful images of the cars and the participants. An ultimate experience for the real car/tour enthusiast!

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Practical matters


When registering, please report any food allergies. Please indicate in the comments which allergy you are concerned about. so that we can pass this on to the restaurants. It is not possible to report a food allergy on the day itself, because restaurants have to prepare for preparing dishes.

We use sports cars and therefore certainly drive in a sporty manner. However, this does not mean we are racing. Every responsible road user understands when to drive in a sporty manner. In areas with a speed limit of 30 kilometers per hour or on roads with many walkers, sporty driving is impossible. In these areas we drive slowly and pay close attention to other road users. Most participants share this attitude, and we expect the same attitude from you. It's all about relaxed sporty touring, enjoying beautiful surroundings and having fun together!

We map out routes by driving them ourselves. We then digitize them. We try to map out routes without speed bumps or traffic lights. But that is not always possible. If it is claimed that a route has been planned without speed bumps in the Netherlands, that is not correct. Although some organizations may emphasize this, it is impossible to plan a route without barriers in countries such as the Netherlands. That said, we design our itineraries to explore the most beautiful places and routes available in each location. Sometimes we have to drive through a residential area to get to a beautiful location, or we have to cut off a bit on the highway to take a scenic route.

In principle, all Fancy cars are allowed. We make no demands on the appearance of your car. It is up to you to decide whether you consider your car fancy enough. There is also no point in sending a message to ask if you can participate in the ride. We leave the decision entirely up to you.

FCT is central to creating a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere for participants. Our participants are on average 40 years old. They are not only car enthusiasts, but also bon vivants who enjoy culinary experiences and breathtaking natural landscapes. The focus is not only on speed, but especially on enjoying life under the motto 'Enjoy Life'. FCT focuses on people who approach life positively and have a shared passion for cars.